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We are an accredited, nonprofit institution based in Utica, New York, with a satellite campus for our 16-month ABSN program in the Syracuse-Liverpool area. 

Student-centered Approach

As a student in our accelerated nursing school in New York, you can expect an education that always puts your needs first. Our private college believes in:

  • Personalized attention
  • Applied teaching methods
  • Diverse perspectives
  • Freedom of expression
  • Open communication
  • Lifelong learning

Syracuse Stats

  • Cost of living is 26% lower than the New York City average
  • Cost of living is 10% lower than the national average
  • Cost of housing is 42% lower than the national average
  • General sales tax is 21% lower than the national average

Relocation Program

If you do not live near our ABSN program in New York but want to get into nursing school as soon as possible, you should consider relocating to the Syracuse-Liverpool area for 16 months.

You’ll find our relocation program makes the move to our neck of the woods as seamless as possible, offering the following perks:

  • A relocation specialist who finds apartments within your criteria and schedules site visits.
  • A pre-approved rental application allows you to secure an apartment ASAP.
  •  A 16-month lease that is perfectly timed to the length of our ABSN program.


Apartments Near Campus



Miles from Program Site

Covered Bridge Apartments


2.5 miles

Wellington Manor Apartments


4 miles

Brecken Ridge Apartments


5 miles

Glenview Townhomes


5 miles

Regency Tower


5 miles

Skyline Apartments


5 miles

Westwood Apartments


8 miles

Briar Cliff Estate


9 miles


Students put in their two cents.

There are a lot of great things we could say about our blended learning format, but we thought it would be better to let our students do it for us.

"The program's online coursework gives me the opportunity to do the work at my speed, on my time."

Chandi P.
ABSN Student, Graduating December 2016

"I really enjoy labs. It's better to practice nursing skills on a simulated manikin than a real patient."

Denise W.
ABSN Student, Graduating December 2016

"I love clinicals, it's my favorite part."

Kristin K.
ABSN Student, Graduating December 2016