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You must have a minimum of 65 credits or a non-nursing bachelor’s degree to qualify for our accelerated nursing program in South Florida, called Utica ABSN.

Admission Eligibility

Eligible applicants for our UticaABSN program must have one of the following academic backgrounds:

  • A non-nursing bachelor’s degree OR an associate degree from a regionally accredited institution
  • A minimum of 65 credits (at least 57 of these credits must be from a 4-year regionally accredited college or university)

Contact an admission representative to learn more about our other academic requirements.

Online Prerequisites

We make it convenient to complete the ABSN program prerequisites by offering them 100% online through our Prerequisite Priority (PREP) Program.

Early Admission

Through PREP, you receive provisional admission into the ABSN program. Upon meeting all of our requirements, there will be a seat in the program with your name on it.

Admission Support

Our admission representatives are readily available to share every last program detail with you. Then as a prospective student, you’ll have our full support throughout the application process.



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