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You must have a minimum of 65 credits or a non-nursing bachelor’s degree to qualify for our accelerated nursing program in South Florida, called Utica ABSN.

Online Coursework

Online courses bring convenience to the rigors of nursing school. Whether you’re studying informatics or pathophysiology, you can do so at any time of the day or night thanks to our intuitive, highly dynamic e-Learning platform. 

Skills and Simulation Labs

Nursing labs comprise more than 200 hours of onsite instruction with faculty. Set up like a hospital environment, these labs feature advanced equipment, medical supplies and patient simulators that allow you to learn and practice your skills in a risk-free setting.

Clinical Practice

Clinicals within local healthcare facilities provide over 500 hours of experience in diverse areas of nursing practice, including adult health, medical/surgical and pediatrics. Through supervised practice, you’ll learn how to deliver safe, effective care across the healthcare continuum.  


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